Sheila Raghavendran

Audio storytelling pieces

More of my audio storytelling work is available via SoundCloud here.

“Researchers: Asian Mental Health Stigma Creates Barrier to Treatment” — I talked with researchers about the stigma against mental health conditions in Asian, particularly Chinese, cultures. (WFHB Bloomington Community Radio)

“When Left Isn’t Right” — My mom first learned to write naturally left-handed, but that was taboo in India, where she grew up. Her parents made her switch right away. For this episode, “Taboo topics”, both my mom and grandmother talked to me about it. (American Student Radio)

“Dreams Go On” — Chase Duncan’s drag queen personality is rooted in his family members — but most of them have no idea. (Audio Storytelling course at Indiana University)

My piece “The Art of Bringing Death to Life” aired on Café Indiana, a program from WFIU, the Indiana University-based NPR affiliate.


Full episode:

“We the People” — I hosted this show two days after President Donald Trump’s inauguration and featured stories about the uncertainty that a Somalian refugee, a medical clinic, a small business owner and student protests are facing in the transition to a new presidency. (American Student Radio)