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Too far, Christin Cooper

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Touchy subjects are exactly that. Happy moments are likewise.

The two should be crossed minimally. There’s a stark line that signals the furthest intersection point, and last night NBC reporter Christin Cooper overshot.

Snowboarder Chelone Miller suffered a fatal seizure last year. He and his brother, Olympic skier Bode Miller, had similar dreams, one of them being the goal to compete at this year’s Winter Olympics.

So yesterday, when Bode Miller tied for bronze metal in the men’s super-G, it was obviously an emotional moment as it was. He didn’t need any prodding from Cooper, but prodding he got.

All of her questions were spurred from Chelone Miller’s death. And of course, it was important for her to mention the incident, but she should have been more aware of the circumstances and known when to stop.

Broadway actor Anthony Rapp put it best, taking to Twitter to criticize Cooper.

I’m so offended by the NBC correspondent manipulating Bode Miller into breaking down in tears by hounding him about his dead brother…Grief is intensely personal and chaotic, and while he was clearly moved, she wouldn’t leave him alone until he broke down. Invasive of her.

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