Sheila Raghavendran

Frank Bruni on NFL player’s coming out

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Ah, of course! If anyone is to write about Michael Sam’s coming out, it’s Frank Bruni.

Bruni’s sarcasm is top-notch. It enables him to write about these tense social issues without offending too deeply, without being too bland. His wording is too good — too precise to replicate, so see his column for yourself.

Bruni’s got a keen way of calling out society. Not necessarily one general group — sometimes anit-gay NFL players, sometimes the Sochi government, etc. I find it admirable that he sticks up for the LGBT community — that he’s openly a part of — so adamantly and frequently. Some would disagree, but no surprise there.

I love that even with the nation’s scrutiny, potential implications and emotional toll Sam took this giant risk. I mean, someone had to.

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