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Teachers are human too, make mistakes, students pounce

Some students have mastered the art of teacher-correcting.

According to senior Christopher Krueger, teachers can make mistakes in two different ways.

“You can have some [teachers] that are simply mistaken, like they misspeak or something, and will have a mistake made in that fashion,” Krueger said. “Sometimes it’s…the way some- thing has always been taught.”

English teacher Stephanie Nally said mistake-making is a consequence of being human.

“I’m a big proponent of [the idea that] you have to forgive people for being human,” Nally said. “Seeing as we are all humans, we will all

make mistakes. So I often time call myself out if I were to do something wrong.”

According to senior Katie Carr, students are let down when teachers make an error.

“Kids are usually disappointed because you expect your teachers to have all of the right answers and do everything correctly,” Carr said. “So it’s kind of a weird thing if they mess up or write something wrong on the board.”

Even when found in a dilemma, it is im- portant to remain respectful when correcting teachers, Krueger said.

“You don’t want to try to put them down for it because it’s a simple mistake,” Krueger said.

Carr said she generally is in a fix about what to do in this type of situation.

“Usually I look around to see if anyone else has noticed and I don’t usually tell [the teacher] at first,” Carr said.

According to Nally, about half of the student population corrects teachers in the wrong way.

“There are people who would just shout it out in class, or be somewhat combative,” Nally said. “And then some people who would do it appropriately.”

Phrasing teacher call-outs as a question is essential, Nally said.

“Be inquisitive, as opposed to argumentative,” Nally said. “And I think that’s the key.”

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I agree with Ellen, let's be kind to one another.

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