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Picture perfect

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My 6,465 Snapchat score points comprise my stress-shield.

It’s the key to that fun-loving, free-wheeling, carefree life. Face it, Snapchat is the only form of social media that offers a complete security blanket. I can take a cute “selfie”, and it will be whisked away to my friends and gone forever. Or I can get a pic of my doppleganger at the grocery store without out worry of the photo’s reappearance (or charges of stalking).

Facebook is really just a contest. Who can get the most ‘Likes’? Same with Twitter, Instagram–any form of social media. Snapchat is so discrete, so safe. There are tricks that tear that blanket. Taking a screenshot of a Snapchat defies its entire purpose, but connects back to the true meaning of a photo.

Photos are curious — they’re meant to savor memories, cherish beautiful moments. In essence, photos are meant to keep. A Snapchat has broken every rule of a photo. A Snapchat is disposable, short-lived, intangible: It’s the redefined picture.

Many people don’t have time to eat dinner together, much less flip through a photo album. Life’s moving faster as the world grows older, and people aren’t willing to slow down. Anything not being used is deemed unnecessary, and photos can fall into this category all too easily.

You can’t lose at Snapchat, because there’s nothing to win.

Author: sheilaraghavendran

I agree with Ellen, let's be kind to one another.

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