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Students reflect on equality advancements

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This post was originally published in Today’s Pulse of Warren County.

President Barack Obama’s inauguration ceremony and Martin Luther King Jr. Day fell on the same day this year, a coincidence that has occurred only once before.

President Obama’s reelection manifests America truly is a melting pot, Mason High School junior Clement Coleman said. The country has embraced diversity and does not depend on one predominant race, he said.

And Mason is making social advancements along with the nation, Coleman said.

“This area of Mason is becoming more diverse each and every year,” Coleman said. “I believe that Mason is moving forward with the country and is willing to adapt to new change.”

The inauguration and Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebrate civil rights activists, according to MHS history teacher Steve Prescott.

“Although it’s a celebration of great men, it’s also a celebration, and not to be forgotten about, of all those that fought for civil rights,” Prescott said. “And, if you will, those who fought for President Obama’s election.”

The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s advocation of equality spread to more than just racial segregation, Mason High School junior Mohamed Elzarka said.

“Martin Luther King Jr. wasn’t talking about just the white-black issue,” Elzarka said. “He was talking about every single American, every single person in the world having the equality they deserved and that every single person was eligible to the same rights that every other person had.”

Elzarka said Obama’s reelection is proving King’s dream.

“Just by continuing his term he’s making history again,” Elzarka said. “That kind of idealizes Dr. King’s dream in the fact that people are becoming more equal and showing that it’s not just that he was elected into office because he is African-American, but he is actually making a difference.”

Elzarka said that while America is taking significant steps towards racial equality, there is still more progress to be made.

“It shows that we’re moving towards the right direction, but we can’t just take it at face value and stop trying to move forward after this moment,” Elzarka said.

According to Prescott, change can only be made through support.

“I think it’s important to realize what you have in terms of support whether it’s family, or teachers, or whoever to support you before you try to make change,” Prescott said. “I think part of the change you have to realize who’s with you.”

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