Sheila Raghavendran


Samples of my best writing, design and multimedia work.


More of my audio storytelling work is available via SoundCloud here.

“Dreams Go On” — Chase Duncan’s drag queen personality is rooted in his family members — but most of them have no idea. (Audio Storytelling course at Indiana University)

“Spices in my head” — The spices I mix together when making Indian food parallel the thoughts in my head: they pop, sizzle and split. (American Student Radio)

“Who’s Huffman?: WYSO Curious Investigates The Huffman Legacy In Dayton” — In southwest Ohio, you’ve heard the name Huffman: There’s Huffman Historic District. Huffman MetroPark. Huffman Dam, Huffman Building, Huffy Bikes — and so WYSO listener JoAn Howard wanted to know: who is Huffman? (WYSO Public Radio)


Missed deadline: The delayed promise of newsroom diversity

In 1978, the American Society of News Editors challenged newsrooms to reach parity with the nation’s racial demographics — but its 17 years passed the deadline and that goal is far from complete. I worked on this story with a team of 4 through the Asian American Journalists Association’s VOICES college program.

The journalism career path has changed—here’s how to embrace the chaos

Wesley Center members talk about freedom during Juneteenth


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Inspired by Lady Gaga’s song “Perfect Illusion”. Depicting the contrast between society’s perception of icon perfection, and the tragic deaths of these six stars — (from left to right) Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Prince.


I created a package of 9 photographs and a written article about an Indiana University Auditorium manager’s pre-show preparation. The package is available at this link:


I produced a video on Indiana University’s chapter of Amnesty International event, Hoosier Voices Silenced Abroad, that brought awareness to the unjust detainment of two people, including an IU alum, in Saudi Arabia. The video is available at this link: